Video Gallery – WordPress Theme

Name Video Gallery – WordPress Theme
Size 6.61 MB
Browser Compatibility YES

Video Gallery Features

Five skins + skin generator — we provided more then five skins to Fit any branding on your Website, and more — you can create your own skins with your own colors in the Design Center

iPhone/iPad compatible — that plugin generates html5 videos in case the visitor is about an icy

Video Gallery Hybrid — it may be a movie player/illustration from the preview

Stream resources — stream from self-hosted videos, self-hosted audios, Self-hosted pictures, youtube Play-lists, youtube keywords, youtube user channel, Vimeo user channel, Vimeo channel, Vimeo album

Multiple galleries in one — add a gallery which streams from multiple galleries, this is how you can set up a joint gallery having a Vimeo station + youtube playlist + some of your own custom movies for example

Broad admin panel — admin panel system with lots of selections to create the gallery as easy as possible, yet user friendly. Comes with a drag & drop HTML 5 uploader too! And awesome functionality like drag & drop for items, duplicate galleries, etc., to create your life easier while editing the gallery. You are able to set an unlimited number of galleries from the admin as well as put them from the articles.

Subtitle support- you can have captioning — that the gallery reads .srt type subtitles and adds captioning to your own videos — wow.

Play from – you also may specify a first time when the video needs to start. Additionally, the position can be set to”continue” which means the video will play at which it was last abandoned ( by telephone close or whatever similar to this ) — via the most current HTML 5 Neighborhood Storage API

Backup database import, export feature – keep your database safe and also do routine copies via the Export Database feature contained on this specific plugin.

Effortless to set up – install and get this plugin ready in less than 3 minutes.

Auxiliary short-codes — desire to acquire yourself a single video on your article without needing to go through the admin? You merely need to place the identification for your own youtube or Vimeo shortcode, or even the location for your own video shortcode.

Short-code generator — this gallery is dependant on shortcodes nevertheless, you don’t have to consider not one since there’s just a short code Generator above every single editor at this post/page.

Linked to Vimeo API — strongly bound with the Vimeo API, retrieve Vimeo Albums or User channels, in addition, it is possible to connect to the Vimeo API via your accounts or to retrieve more videos afterward your conventional API limit. Stream private videos with Vimeo PRO accounts — linked with Youtube-API — strongly bound together with the YouTube API, recover Play-lists or User stations, additionally, you can connect together with all the Youtube-API via your account or to retrieve more movies then the standard API limitation Deep Linking — current browser connection can alter to reflect the current video in the gallery, and you can connect directly to the video

Societal media discuss thumbnail deep linking — sharing with the link into the desired video Indicates the movie \’s thumbnail on facebook via open graph tags

Meta service — features like of image, of the title is automatically added to the videos and so the thumbnail and title look correctly on Facebook / etc when sharing a movie

DASH MPEG support — live flow with no Issue and onto all major browsers and apparatus

Linking for Gallery Videos — discuss a link to a Certain movie

Ultra-responsive — the choice to proportionally resize all movies in the gallery

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